Service Description
Duration Price (SGD)
Mobile Phone Screen Cracked - Replacement of LCD screen
(Replacement of I-phone, Samsung and other branded mobile phone LCD screen - Onsite)
2 hours from $100/- (excluding LCD)
Mobile Phone Replacement of Battery
(dismantling and changing of mobile phone battery - Onsite)
2 hours from $100/- (excluding battery)
Computer Hard Disk Replacement + OS Installation
(Desktop or notebook computer - dismantling and replacing of hard disk - exclude data backup and restore - Onsite)
5 hours from $120/- (excluding hard disk)
Computer Installation and Setup
(new computer installation and setup - network - Onsite)
2 hours from $100/-
Computer Diagnostic and Repair Services
(Diagnostic and repair of computer - No Power, No Display, Unable to Boot, Keyboard No Response ....)
1 - 5 days from $120/- (excluding parts)
Printer Installation and Setup (Network Printer Sharing)
(Installation and configure of Network Printer - Onsite)
2 hours from $100/-
Printer Diagnostic and Repair
(Diagnostic and repair of printer - No Power, Off-line, Unable to Print, Paper Jam .....)
1 - 3 days from $100/- (excluding parts)
Internet - Installation of Modem and Router
(Installation and setup of Internet - Modem and Router - Onsite)
2 hours from $100/-
Local Area Network and Internet Access - Installation and Setup
(Installation and setting up of Local Area Network and Internet Access - Onsite)
5 hours from $120/- (exclude cabling etc)