Challenger OTS


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1 Operating hours : 10 am to 6 pm (Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays)

2 Extended hours support is available. The charges for extended hours support is at 1.5x the Service Utilization rate. (See Service Utilization Rate Table below)
Customer would like HAT to rectify their server issue after office hours.
Normal utilization rate is 1000 tokens. For Extended hours, the rate is 1000 tokens x 1.5 = 1,500 tokens.

3 All maintenance tokens purchases must be utilized within the subscription period.

4. All maintenance tokens which are not utilized are not allowed to be carried forward to the next renewed contract.
a. Customer purchase the Lite Package of 2,500 tokens for a month and only utilized 1,500 tokens. The balance 1,000 tokens will be considered expired and non-refundable after expiration.

5. All rectification of issues do not include hardware repair or replacement parts or devices.

Customer has an issue with screen display even after updating the OS or display driver. Upon diagnosing, the issue is due to computer display chip set issue which is a hardware issue. Our service utilization rate of 1,000 tokens does not include hardware repair and change of parts associate with repair. Hardware repair is an optional service HAT can provide. Please contact our personnel or Hotline for more information.

6. Service utilization rate for is the same for both on-site and remote support service.

7. HAT support service does not include Application and or any customized software and hardware.


No Service Description Utilization Rate (token)
1 Diagnostic and Rectification of IP Camera or DVR Console 500
2 Diagnostic and Rectification of Network or Local Printer 500
3 Diagnostic and Rectification of Workstation (Desktop or Notebook) - OS only 1,000
4 Diagnostic and Rectification of Server - OS only 2,000
5 Setting up or Diagnostic and Rectification of Backup System 1,500
6 Setting up or Diagnostic and Rectification of Office LAN 1,000
7 Setting up or Diagnostic and Rectification of Office Internet connection 1,000
8 Any other services - please contact our hotline
Note: This utilization rate may change without any prior notice.